MBH Client Feature: Carrie Sachse

Oh my…where do we begin with Carrie. She is truly a light in our lives at Midwest Beauty House. Her joyful spirit, beautiful smile and all that HAIR! We love her, her family and her adorable doggie, Mika, who makes frequent stops into the shop for treats. We don’t mind, because Carrie usually follows right behind! Learn more about our dear friend.

Meet Carrie:

What brought you to Midwest Beauty House as a client?

“I have been coming to MBH since day one. Alice has been my friend and Beauty Operator for the past 12 years or so. Her opening a shop around the corner from my house makes it that much easier for me to pop in and say “hi”. Our dog Mika loves that the ladies supply her with pets and treats whenever she trots in, which is almost on a daily basis.”

What is your favorite MBH beauty shop memory?

“My favorite memory is when Alice sat me down, after years of contemplation and attempts to make the transition to grey, and had a heart to heart with me about taking the leap. I shed some tears; Alice hugged me and told me it would be okay, she’d be with me every step of the way. There were other happenings in my life at the same time that were causing me to reflect, pause, and look forward. Alice was supportive throughout as it was not an easy transition for me. I wanted to enter my 50’s with my natural hair color. I will never regret making the decision. Alice helped me see what my hair could be and has now become: grey, big, and beautiful.”

What do you love most about your hair?

“I love that my hair is wild. Some days it’s frizzy, some days it’s curly, and some days it’s in a tight bun. It’s long and grey and gives me strength, like Samson. I will never cut it again, except for trims now and again, so I can visit with Alice. I wish I knew how to braid it like Alice. She’s a genius with the braids.”

DSC_0081-13 (2).jpg

What is your current style icon/inspiration or favorite role model?

“My 17 year old son Milo is my current style icon and role model. He is, and always has been, fearless when it comes to his fashion choices and personal appearance. He is not afraid to try new things and make bold choices when it comes to his clothes, shoes, makeup and hairstyles. He carries himself with a confidence that I wish I’d had at his age. He speaks from his heart and believes in himself. He inspires me every day.”

What is your favorite or most used beauty product?

“I love Marrakesh oil for my hair. It smells delicious and tames the frizz. I’ve also been enjoying Happy Buddha shower foam by Rituals. It has a lovely, soft scent that lingers throughout the day.”

What do you love most about Madison/the Midwest?

“I love walking around the Atwood/Winnebago neighborhood as I am almost guaranteed to run into someone I know. The Midwest breeds some kindhearted people, that’s for sure! I feel fortunate that our sons were able to grow up here and attend East High School. They were raised in a community that fosters advocacy, compassion and generosity.”

What is another favorite local business of yours?

Moka!! I live within walking distance to my work, but often find myself driving just to get a coffee from Moka. The staff there is genuinely kind and upbeat. I also love One Barrel and am a proud member of the mug club. The Harmony Bar and Grill is our favorite spot for a walnut burger and a beer. A great place to see neighborhood friends and share a laugh.”

Why are receiving beauty services important to you?

“Receiving beauty services is a way for me to check in with myself — to take stock. I work at Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center and oftentimes, whether I like it or not, the work comes home with me. Sitting in Alice’s chair or getting my nails done by Ashley is a way for me to relax and reflect. It’s somewhat meditative for me. I put myself into the hands of someone I trust and am confident that I will be more than happy with the outcome.”

What does “better beauty culture” mean to you?

“Better Beauty Culture means inclusivity: all races, genders, body sizes, sexual orientations/identifications being represented truthfully and dispensing of the stereotypical idea of beauty. There is inherent beauty in every being. Let’s celebrate this.”

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Alice Ezrow