The Importance of Nail Health – By Ashley Marie

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Natural nail health is something that has always been very important to me. I spend a lot of time educating my clients on the subject and why CND Shellac is better for your nails (there are so many scary gel polishes out there). I don’t expect a client to know the difference between a bad gel polish and CND Shellac, but here’s a quick tip: if a drill is being used to remove your gel polish, RUN…quick!

Proper application and removal is key to maintaining the health of your natural nail. Nail shops that aren’t concerned with nail health often “mix systems” using a base coat from one polish line, a color coat from a different line and a top coat from yet another line—creating a very inconsistent result. Midwest Beauty House uses CND products, creating a consistently beautiful (and safe) manicure each, and every time!

During every nail service, I evaluate the health of a clients’ nails. I will never preform service on a nail that has compromised health, because if your natural nail is damaged, dry or peeling, your shellac manicure will not last as long as it should. If your nails need some love, we’ll discuss different options to regain the health of your nail so you can get the most out of the service.

We offer an amazing (take home) keratin treatment. RESCUERXX™ by CND is used on your natural nail to help with breakage, dryness, peeling and white patches. The keratin comes from sheep’s wool and is 100 percent cruelty-free. Using this for just two weeks (morning and night) will alter the health of your nails completely! There are approximately 160 uses per bottle and it’s only $5!

I use CND SOLAROIL© during every service and highly recommend its use with your manicure at home as well. You can pick up a perfectly-sized bottle for your purse at the shop for only $3! It’s made from sweet almond oil and jojoba oil and keeps your nails supple and healthy.  When it’s used with shellac, it actually penetrates the color and hydrates your natural nail—lengthening the life of your manicure!

If you ever have any concerns about your nails, I’m always here to answer questions. Nail health is truly a passion of mine. My craft has never been about money to me, so you can trust that I will always give an educated and honest answer to your nail questions and concerns. Together we can create something unique, clean and beautiful!

Visit – it’s a very helpful resource for nail questions. Use the “find a salon” area when traveling to make sure you never get a service that isn’t CND certified! And, of course Midwest Beauty house is listed since we are a fully-certified CND salon. Come see me by booking your appointment here!

Alice Ezrow