Rick Schwalbach Joins Midwest Beauty House

There’s a new face at Midwest Beauty House | Winnebago


Meet Rick Schwalbach, the newest member of the MBH Family and a co-owner of Midwest Beauty House. Rick’s been a friend of MBH for quite some time now. Most recently, he’s been operating as Synthesis Haircuts in the Schenk’s Corner Suites. So when we were looking for someone to take over the original MBH space, it made perfect sense to see if Rick was interested. Not only are we adding an incredibly talented stylist to our team, he’s philosophically aligned with MBH’s Better Beauty Culture values.

What do you love most about doing hair?

I’ve been at it for over a decade, but my mom owns a salon, so I have been around the industry forever (which at this point “forever” is 36 years).

What do you love most about doing hair?

Every haircut is different, even if it is the same.

What is your current style icon/inspiration or favorite role model?

I’ve been really into death metal and beautiful gardens.

What is your favorite or most used beauty product?

Evo Cassius Styling Clay…it’s the greatest in the world!

What do you love most about living in Madison?

The four seasons and the prairies. I prefer summer because that is when things grow, but it would not be quite so nice if it were not for the winter.

What is another favorite local business of yours?

Ogden’s North Street Diner…the best pancakes in town!

Why is receiving beauty services important to you?

It is a great opportunity to relax and have somebody do something that I could not do well myself. 

What does Better Beauty Culture mean to you?

Abandoning the conventional concepts of beauty and moving toward a more inclusive world that allows for people to express their authentic selves through the medium of physical appearance.

Give a warm welcome to Rick and book your appointment with him today.

Alice Ezrow