MBH Client Feature: Francesca Fricano

Better Beauty for Brides and Beyond

Meet Francesca Fricano. She and Alice had been running in the same circle of friends for some time now, so it was an extra special treat when Francesca turned to Midwest Beauty House for her hair styling needs. Around the same time, Francesca was planning her wedding and asked us to take care of her hair and makeup on the big day (spoiler: we said yes!). Francesca has an amazing eye for style, as you’ll clearly see with her most excellent wedding dress. Learn more about Francesca and her approach to Better Beauty Culture, as well as some gorgeous photos of her wedding.


How did you start coming to Midwest Beauty House as a client?

I know Alice through a mutual friend and have always admired her talent and creativity. When I heard about Midwest Beauty House opening, I was curious and excited to check it out.

How long have you seen your Beauty Operator?

I first had my hair cut by Alice two years ago.

What is your favorite MBH beauty shop memory?

My favorite memory with MBH is definitely from my wedding day. Alice came over to my house bright and early to style hair and makeup for myself and two of my bridesmaids. I remember sitting in my dining room and sipping on coffee as she worked her magic and thinking, “This is the most calm I’ve felt all week!” I knew I was in good hands and trusted her talent 100%. I could not have been happier with the results.


What do you love most about your hair?

My beauty style tends to be more natural and low maintenance. I am lucky to have shiny, healthy hair and also really like my natural hair color  – which is a good thing because I go way too long between haircuts and could never keep up with coloring or highlights.

What is your current style icon/inspiration or favorite role model?

I draw inspiration for my personal style from everything around me: artwork, mixed textiles and bold patterns, social media, my mom (who loves secondhand treasures as much as I do), the New York Times Fashion pages, people watching while out and about etc. I also really, really love bright colors. I would say the inspiration for my wedding day look was definitely a Frida Kahlo inspired color explosion.

What is your favorite or most used beauty product?

Dry shampoo. What can I say, I keep it simple. And *whew*, does it save me so much time!

What do you love most about Madison/the Midwest?

I’ve called Madison home for nine years and feel so much love for this cute, funky little city! We are so lucky to have such a mix of unique shops, lively music venues, amazing restaurants, local hangouts, beautiful parks and beaches within walking or biking reach. There is truly always something to do here and the sense of community pride here is incredible.

What is another favorite local business of yours?

Another reason to love Madison: So many fun and awe-inspiring small businesses to support and love. Some of my very favorites and most-visited are AnthologyThe Good Style ShopWilly Street Co-OpFromagination, and Underground Butcher.

Why is receiving beauty services important to you?

It’s not just about looking good, but also feeling good. Taking the time out to care for yourself is certainly good for your confidence and for your mental health.

What does “better beauty culture” mean to you?

It means supporting the people and the businesses that you trust and admire for their culture, beliefs, and talent. MBH is a cozy and inviting safe space where both customers and employees are treated with respect. I can’t imagine better beauty culture than that!

Alice Ezrow