MBH Client Feature: Emily Miller


We’re in LOVE with this month’s client feature. We met Emily at the Revel Galentine’s Day Brunch Party on February 10. Emily was the lucky winner of a mini makeover with our newest MBH beauty operator, Denise. As soon as she walked in for her makeover and photo shoot, we knew Emily would be an MBH friend for life. She brought so much life and fun into the shop—we can’t wait to see this pretty mama again.

Meet Emily:

How long have you been a client of MBH?

“I was the lucky winner of Revel’s Galentine’s Day Event! I won this fabulous makeover and photo shoot from Midwest Beauty House and I’m so glad I did, because now I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of beauty!”

How long have you been seeing your Beauty Operator?

This was my first time going to MBH but it won’t be my last!”

What is your favorite memory at MBH?

“Having a blast at the makeover and photoshoot! The whole thing was a super fun experience—I felt like a star!”

DSC_1166-2 (1).jpg

What do you love most about your makeover?

“I love my highlights! I felt like Denise really took her time to make them turn out perfect! Also, this amazing bohemian hairstyle with braids is something I wish I could replicate!”

What is your current style icon/inspiration or favorite role model?

“I’d have to say my grandma and my mom. They are both very fashionable, strong women who have accomplished so much in life!”

What is your favorite or most used beauty product?

“Curling wand! And dry shampoo because, hi I’m a stay at home mom of a toddler.”


What do you love most about Madison/the Midwest?

“I love that there is SO much to do around here. Whether it’s going downtown to grab a bite at an amazing restaurant, going to one of our many parks, walking along the bike trails and of course the local shopping!”

What is another favorite local business of yours?

“I love Toot & KatesTuvaluRevelBloom and of course Momentum Floral in Middleton—I was lucky enough to work there before having my baby.”

Why is receiving beauty services important to you?

“As a stay at home mom it is so important to get some ‘me’ time. Getting my hair done is so relaxing! It also makes me feel confident and ready to take on whatever gets thrown my way—I love that feeling!”

What does “better beauty culture” mean to you?

“It means that I can have the freedom to define being beautiful how I personally want to, and not by what others think. It’s especially important for women to support each other and build each other up!”

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Alice Ezrow