Choosing Your Bridal Look. Audre: Relaxed, Natural Vintage Bride


As many of my clients know, one of my passions is bridal. There is so much to consider when considering the beauty portion of your wedding day. As we start diving into bridal on the blog, I hope to share some of the helpful tips (that I’ve bolded for you throughout this post) that I’ve learned during my years in the bridal industry. My goal is to help you make the beauty portion of your day run as smoothly as possible. Let’s find the look that highlights YOU at your very best on your wedding day.

Let’s start with esthetic. The dress is obviously where it all starts when thinking about bringing all the elements of your bridal look together. Finding the perfect dress is a very personal thing for every bride, and I often find that brides end up with something very different than they originally envisioned. It’s difficult to know what’s going to make you feel beautiful until you see yourself in it.

The same goes for your hair and make-up; we’ll get to that in a minute, but before you consult an artist on your hair and make-up, start with deciding on a dress – it will be the foundation of your bridal look.


There’s so much more I could say about choosing your bridal look related to the rest of the design of the wedding, but for simplicity’s sake, just stick with a balanced esthetic. Unless you are having a theme-based wedding, such as 1920’s Great Gatsby, consider combining different design elements to avoid getting over-the-top or too “costumey”.

In my consult with Audre, she really wanted her bridal hair to have more of a vintage style. Her wedding dress also had a vintage vibe. It was important to me to make sure that we kept the make-up fresh and natural to ensure she still looked current, and like herself, on her wedding day.

Her dress was relaxed with a vintage feel, but I didn’t think going for a vintage wave with the hair would be too much for her to pull off as long as her hair still moved and lived. And as you can see in the photos with her handsome husband, Luke, she was gorgeous!

This process is very personal for every bride. I love being a part of it and helping brides come up with a look that showcases their natural beauty in a unique and creative way.

Here’s a good way to start: consider choosing several adjectives that you think best describe how you’d like your wedding design to feel before you even start to pull inspiration photos. This will help you find a focus and define your taste before you get overwhelmed in the world of Pinterest!

Once you’ve defined your style with two or three descriptive words, then go ahead and make the leap to collecting image inspiration! I love photo galleries as a tool to help communicate your taste and what you’re attracted to when it relates to your hair and make-up composition. You may not be able to see a theme but when I see a bride’s gallery it gives me a very clear picture of what they’re drawn to.

Another piece of advice is to start with what you don’t want. Pulling images that are not what you’re looking for can make it even easier to narrow down where your personality and taste lie.

With everything to consider when bringing your look together, I recommend a practice appointment with the stylist and make-up artist who will be helping you create your dream look.

Time and good communication are needed to make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. A solid artist will help you narrow down the options, and should help you find a design that will work with your hair type and skin tone.

Everything should be customized to you, because not every option is possible with different hair or skin types. Make sure you take the time needed with your artist to flesh out this process so you can be confident and relaxed on your wedding day.

My words for Audre Rae: Relaxed and Natural Vintage Bride

There is so much more I can’t wait to talk about in the world of bridal! We’ll keep diving into more topics and providing more tips in future blog posts. We’ll also be announcing some very exciting news with the launch of the bridal biz and my MBH Agency on the blog very soon, so keep an eye out for that! Wee!!!


Alice Ezrow